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The Knight and The Maiden in The Crystal Tower

Down the winding road astride a great loping steed rides a gallant knight. Covered in dust from the long road, on his way to another quest or maybe to slay yet another dragon. Many ribbons and medals he has won, yet the one, the maiden trapped in the crystal tower he has yet to win. Though they loved each other long ago, young then, now middle aged weary and wrinkled he rides on. Separated by forces not of their control. He is set upon by wizards and demons that have put him on this path. She is trapped in a crystal tower bewitched by reflection and glitter. He is pushed from one task to another hoping at the end he will find his lovely maiden.

Will the daring knight die on some distant battle field? Will the maiden fade into a final slumber?

It all remains a mystery the story has not been written.

Will the knight conquer the demons and be reunited with his love? Will the two of them ride off into a love for the ages?

It is not clear the ending has not been lived.

I am just a simple story teller. I do not live the story nor do I write the story. I just tell what has been handed down to me.

The ending is unclear and that is all I can say.

Still hazy in thought, the ending could go either way.

I raise my glass to their success.

So, tonight before you sleep, pray for these two romantic souls, the knight and the maiden.

That their ending be true

and love will prevail

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