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Such Great Potential Wasted

I walked the Himalayas in saffron robes before the man from Nazareth was born

I wrote words of wisdom on papyrus during the time of the Pharaohs

I watched during the time of discovery

I saw the white man destroy ancient civilizations and lose an ancient knowledge we will never know again

I fought in a second great war and watched from my tank a generation die as I died an untimely fiery death. I live this life an observer of the human condition. Each one of us born with such great potential and inheriting such a beautiful planet. We live in the garden of Eden each one of us carries the essence of both a god and the devil. We are meant to be the shepherds of this planet in all its divine beauty. Instead we seek to divide and conquer. I've seen men of peace and wisdom gunned down in senseless violence. I see people grasp to politics, religion and build great war machines. Your way is right, their way is wrong, your god is good, their god is not and the war machine grows. Such great potential to live together in peace and harmony, such great minds to protect and take care of this planet. We grasp for the poisoned apple of technology and are dazzled by the newest bangle. While the oceans which once healed are poisoned and the beaches covered in plastic. The rivers in the mountains once clear and pristine now run dry and polluted, fire ravishes our forest. I'm afraid if I live another 50 years much of this beautiful planet will be a wasteland but your way is right and their way is wrong, your god is great and their god is wrong and the war machine grows. Such great potential , such a great inheritance, yet there is no compassion for another that is not the same does not speak the same or believe the same. Your way is right, their way is wrong, your god is right, their god is not and the war machine grows. Down through the ages that's how its always been with humans bent on their own destruction. After this life I head back to my heavenly home that star just beyond Orion's belt, I'll make the sad report of the humans and the great potential and how it was wasted on us and them and the great war machine instead of fulfilling their great potential and taking care of the planet and each other.


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