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Each Day A New Chapter






We are the same you and I

We are the miracles the Universe bet against.

The one in ten thousand that made it out alive only to die again.

A bag of bones full of puss and blood.

Separated by only a bit of genetic material

Only here for a short period

We walk through life so filled with importance

Perfect in our imperfections we proudly march on

Its the ones we touch that will tell our story

We are the creators not the tellers

right or wrong, good or evil

Its in this moment that is Gods great gift

Cities will crumble

Religions will fade

Your story lives on

Will it be great?

Full of passion for peace and love

Or wasted in hate and division

Each day brings a new opportunity to right a wrong

To be better than what we are

To live and breathe

To laugh and play

To dance and sing

To love as never broken

Its a short fragile life from birth to death

Imperfect and twisted

A new chapter every day

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