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A Very Cool Cat

I was walking down the street one day when I crossed the path of a really cool cat. He had a wicked grin and a mangy disposition. A tuft of yellow hair and missing part of an ear. You could tell right away he didn't really care.

I walked on and when I looked down that cool cat was walking right along. Down the street we walked like we had done it before, around the corner and up the stairs with no hesitation. When I opened my door he went right to the kitchen and stood in the corner like he had lived here for years. A can of tuna and some water then he was up on the couch and made himself right at home.

The next morning he woke me at daybreak, followed me to work. Lunch time came and he followed me to the park. We sat on the bench me eating my lunch him a watching the birds and squirrels. Back at work he napped all day then followed me home. Dinner and the couch just like before. One cool cat, right at home.

Now thirteen years have passed, a lot has changed, we've been through a lot but that very cool cat is still everywhere I go.

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