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A Pirate Looks At 65 ( loosely borrowed from Jimmy Buffett)

Yes I've done my share of grass

Drank enough rum to sink Miami

If I had to, I'd do it all over again

Known my share of women

Some older, most younger

Some modest, some wild

In my own way, I loved them all for a moment or longer

I guess it wasn't meant to last

Now I feel more comfortable in my own skin than ever before


So hoist the colors

We sail on the morning tide

If your with me climb aboard

If your against me

I bid you adieu

I have no time for you

As a good friend says "We have more days behind us than ahead of us!"

I head out now on a birthday jaunt

A cooler full of beer and a bottle of tequila

A pole and a line

Destination unclear

But you know if the live bait is lost in the surf and my hook never gets wet

That's OK!

Its always been about the journey

The destination is just a dot on the map

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